Cleaning Protocols

· Staff and members must follow strict sanitization guidelines.
· We have confirmed all our products are up to WHO & CDC standards.
· We have increased our cleaning staff and high touch surfaces will be paid special attention by all staff through out the day.
· Please know we are doing everything we can to ensure the facility is as safe as possible. With help from our members, we can all do our part to help sanitation.

Member Sanitation Expectations

· We cannot do this without you and need your help to keep you and all our members safe! Members will be expected to:
· Sanitize at our designated sanitation station located at our front door before entering the facility. Follow the hand washing protocol and regularly sanitize while in the facility.
· Follow all signage posted around the facility and on equipment.
· Sanitize each touch point before and after each use on ALL equipment & lockers.
· Practice proper hygiene and behaviors.
· Stay home if you answered yes to any of the qualifying questions.

Limited Equipment

· No foam rollers, lifting belts, wrist wraps, dip belts, yoga mats, fabric exercise bands or barbell pads will be available to loan from the front desk.
· No gym bags or personal items will be allowed on the floor or benches.
· Absolutely no exceptions.
· Exercising balls have been removed the floor. Medicine balls, kettlebells and mats will still be available.

Workout Etiquette

· The gym will be strategically laid out to allow for proper spacing. Moving equipment or benches will not be allowed.
· We are asking for members to be mindful that some equipment will be out of service to promote safe distancing. Please stick to 1 area to finish your exercise before moving onto the next. Weight hoarding will not be allowed.
· We are all in this together. Communicate respectfully with your fellow gym mates and speak to a staff member if you have any questions or concerns.


· We understand how important communication is during this time.
· We have placed clear communication throughout the facility to ensure everyone remembers to do their part.
· We will be regularly posting on social media to keep you updated about any changes in the facility.
· We are asking for you to please be patient with us as we are experiencing high volume of member questions and inquires. We would like to give every member equal opportunity and time to have all their questions answered.

Thank you for your continued support and patience. We are SO grateful to have such and amazing World Gym Family!